Goals For This Site

StreamingWater.org is dedicated to improving communication about water issues.  The main focus is on things happening in the State of Connecticut, but things being what they are, the larger picture nationally and globally will also be brought in from time to time.

 I hope to:

  • provide links to reliable information relevant to the current water issues, information that people on all sides of the issues can have faith in.
  • share my view of the debates and discussions that I encounter in the media and at our public meetings related to water.

Before entries are posted to StreamingWater.org, two important questions will be considered: Is it true?  Is it useful?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact StreamingWater.org at:  patricia.bresnahan@gmail.com

Who Am I?

I served as the Associate Director of the Connecticut Institute of Water Resources (as an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, at the University of Connecticut) from 2000 – 2012.  I had the tremendous good fortune to work with some of the best minds in the state on water policy and planning issues during that time.

I have a Ph.D. from UCONN (Plant Science / Plant Environment ), an M.S. (Botany/Plant Ecology) from Rutgers University, and a B.S. (Botany) from the University of Michigan.   In between degrees I also worked in industry in information systems development and software engineering. Most of my research and technical work was related to building computer simulation models of environmental processes, but my first love is field botany.