OSWP Workgroup

This page contains the work products of the “Other States’ Water Plans Workgroup” of the Connecticut Water Planning Council Advisory Group.


Revised Model Table of Contents – September 17, 2015:

OSPW_Revised Model Table of Contents_09.17.2015


Report Final Draft: June 05, 2015

Report Text Document:

OSP Report_Text_Final20150605

Report Supplemental Materials Document:


Research Topics

Research Topic Contributors File Link
Funding Gail, Martha Appendix_Funding_GSL3262015-2


Other State Plan Summaries

State Summary Links
California Summary_CA_Warner
Colorado Summary_CO
Florida Summary_FL
Georgia Summary_GA
Kansas Summary_KS
Massachusetts Summary_MA
Minnesota Summary_MN_Warner
Nebraska Summary_NE_IozzoBresnahan
New Hampshire Summary_NH
North Carolina Summary_NC
Oregon StateEvaluationFramework_Oregon Summary
Pennsylvania Summary_PA_Pafford
Rhode Island Summary_RI_Warner
Tennessee summary_TN
Texas summary_TX
Utah Summary_UT
Virginia Summary_VA
West Virginia Summary_WV
Washington —-

Sample Blank Plan Evaluation Form