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Streaming water is such a perfect metaphor for the coexistence of change and permanence.

As I write this in the spring of 2014, several new reports on the pace and scope of climate change have been released.  My home state of Connecticut recently voted to begin the process of developing it’s first statewide water plan, and is wrestling with issues related to hydrologic fracking, a controversial practice that is at the nexus of energy and water policy.  Clearly, we have a lot of difficult decisions to make related to our water resources.

Human nature doesn’t seem to be changing as quickly, though! There are many conflicting views on these complicated issues, and the truth isn’t always in the middle.  Sometimes the conflicts arise from differences in values, and other times they are fueled by misinformation and speculation.  It’s easy to get emotional when things we value are threatened, and to discount or ignore parts of the truth that are incompatible with our views and desires.

Before posting to StreamingWater.org, I will try to remember to ask myself two important questions: Is it true?  Is it useful?  I hope to provide links to reliable information relevant to the current water issues, information that people on all sides of the issues can have faith in.  In my blog posts I will share my view of the debates and discussions that I encounter in the media and at our public meetings related to water.  While I serve on a number of boards and committees, these views are my own, and will not necessarily represent the views of those organizations.

Choices are always important, but especially so in times of change.  We need to understand what is happening as best we can, and communicate our understanding to each other so that we can all make wise decisions.

– Pat

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