Water Planning in Connecticut


Analysis, Conferences


Connecticut Legislation and Statutes

Date Bill
1967 PA 477
1982 PA 82-402 Connecticut Water Diversion Policy Act CT General Statutes Sec 22a-365 through 22a-378 ,
1985 PA 85-535 and CT General Statutes Sec 25-33c through 25-33j, An Act Concerning a Connecticut Plan for Public Water Supply Coordination ,
2001 PA 01-177 An Act Establishing the Water Planning Council,
2014 PA 14-163 An Act Concerning the Responsibilities of the Water Planing Council, http://www.cga.ct/gov/2014/ACT/PA/2014PA-00163-R00HB-05424-PA.htm

CTGA Program Review and Investigations

Office of Legislative Research

Date Report
2014-01-31 1971 Water Planning Report,
2013-03-13 State Water Use Plans,
2010-12-03 Stream Flow Legislation,
2005-02-18 Waterbury v. Washington,

Department of Public Health Reports

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Date Report
2000-01 Report to the General Assembly on State Water Allocation Policies Pursuant to Public Act 98-224,

Office of Policy and Management

Date Report
2011-06 Managing Water in Connecticut. A Report on the Study of Water Resources Planning in the State,

Water Planning Council Reports, Minutes

2015 WPCAG Other States’ Plans Workgroup Final Report

2002 Work Group Final Reports
Date Final Report Workplan Issues
2002-08-29 Technical Management Subcommittee A (5) an inventory of land and land use by water companies
2002-09-06 Technical Management Subcommittee B (7) methods for measurement and estimations of natural flows in Connecticut waterways in order to determine standards for stream flows that will protect the ecology of the state's rivers and streams
(8) the status of river flows and available data for measuring river flows
2002-09-09 Water Resources Management Subcommittee A (3) protection and appropriate allocation of the state's water resources while providing for public water supply needs
(4) the adequacy and quality of the state's drinking water supplies to meet current and future needs
(6) the status of current withdrawals, projected withdrawals, river flows and the future needs of water users
2002-08-02 Water Resources Management Subcommittee B 9) the streamlining of the water diversion permit process
(10) coordination between the Departments of Environmental Protection, Public Health and Public Utility Control in review of applications for water diversion
2002-09-10 Water Utility Subcommittee A (2) fair and reasonable water rates
(11) the procedure for coordination of planning of public water supply systems established in sections 25-33c to 25-33j, inclusive, of the general statutes. Such study shall be conducted on both a regional and state-wide level
2002-08-29 Water Utility Subcommittee B (1) The financial viability, market structure, reliability of customer service and managerial competence of water companies